Turn Your Email List into Your Biggest Profit Driver

Without spending all day singing and dancing on social media

Inside Beyond Social you'll get access to the system I’ve been using to get some cool results for my clients, like:

Creating a 5-figure launch (from a teeny-tiny list)

Creating a multi-six-figure income stream (using a whopping TWO emails 😮)

Case Study: 5-Figures From a £297 Digital Course

My client had a teeny list of around 200 people.

And she had a £297 product she wanted to sell to them. 

I crafted an email campaign using one of my persuasion trigger email campaigns. 

The results? 

£3K in sales within a few days during the initial launch to her list of 200 people.

We run this campaign every couple of months, and generate an additional £2-3K each time.

To date, this product has made 5-figures (and her list is at just over 400 subscribers).

What if you could create predictable revenue…just by sending a series of emails?

You know that a thriving email list can make more revenue for your business.

But right now you...

Email very inconsistently. Sometimes it's once a week, sometimes it's once every 2 months, and so sales are sporadic (if they happen at all)

Get stuck working out what to write, so you put it in the "too-hard" basket

You're overwhelmed with working out how often to sell vs nurturing

You've got a selection of low ticket and high ticket offers that could be making more money for you, but you're not telling anyone about them

Email marketing doesn't have to be hard...

Inside Beyond Social you...

Get access to proven formulas to profit from your email list without feeling like a sleazeball

Set up a money-making email ecosystem (that makes sales for you on autopilot in the background)

Have a system at your fingertips to have your campaigns written and ready to deliver in next-to-no time

Get access to a suite of email campaigns - each designed with proven sales psychology to maximise conversions

Spend less of your time worrying about what you should be writing to your email list each week (so you can focus on doing the work you love)

Discover how to position your offer in the right way, you don’t need to fall back on ‘icky’ tactics - you simply create natural desire.


Create multiple revenue funnels for your business using repeatable email campaigns

Here's what's included:

Strategies to make more money with email

Get access to multiple email campaigns that you can quickly set up and implement.

Each campaign uses proven sales psychology to encourage uptake of your offer to those people on your list who are ready for it.

When you position your offer in the right way, you don’t need to fall back on ‘icky’ tactics - you simply create natural desire.

The Evergreen Cash Machine

Learn how to build an automated evergreen email funnel that works non-stop for you, 24/7.

Tap into the power of automation to turn leads into customers and keep the cash rolling in smoothly, while you focus on growing your business.

Launch a Beta Offer

Launch a brilliant beta offer to your subscribers.

You'll collect precious feedback, perfect your product, and make money ironing out the details.

The Quick-Sell Playbook

Uncover the secrets to crafting irresistible limited time offers that your email subscribers just can't resist.

By the end of this module, you'll know how to put together tantalising offers that create a sense of urgency, ignite huge interest, and bring in the revenue.

Launch Campaigns

Uncover the secrets to filling your webinars and challenges with perfect fit people.

By the end of this module, you'll know how to fill your challenge or webinar, and then move your warm audience into your paid offers.

Run a Flash Sale

Discover the winning strategies behind flash sales that convert like crazy.

Become a master at designing time-sensitive, high-impact offers that catch your subscribers' eye, and get them to act quickly.

Re-engagement campaign

Get access to a simple 3-email campaign that turns cold subscribers back into client and customers.

Learn how to recapture the interest of cold subscribers (with tricks on keeping your email deliverability high)

Done-For-You Templates

Dozens of templates across multiple campaigns (in easy-to-update Google documents).

Each campaign comes with a full template for each email campaign.

They are easy to follow, and include example emails using them (so you can see them inaction).

Weekly Emails That Connect & Convert

Get acesss to prompts, ideas and templates to easily write regular emails without putting it of, second-guessing yourself

Understand how to craft stories that evoke emotions, leading to a more loyal and responsive email list (and more sales!)

Learn techniques to weave compelling narratives into your emails, making your messages memorable and engaging.

Includes ChatGPT prompts to help you come up with unlimited ideas that share value and show your expertise

Subject Lines That Skyrocket Open Rates

  • Brainstorming worksheet with 100+ subject line ideas

  • Examples of winning subject lines in action


The AI-Powered Email Dashboard

A unique prompt-engineering system specifically designed to help you effortlessly write emails that turn subscribers into buyers.

Learn the art (and science) of how to train ChatGPT to be your writing bestie

AI-engineered email frameworks to plug-n-play into ChatGPT - get emails written in SECONDS that tap into proven sales psychology principles

Craft emails that not are not only compelling and persuasive, but also sound unmistakably "you" (by following my 'pre-prompt' stacking system).

Find your winning message in minutes. This system has been designed to help you rapidly write multiple emails to test different angles and approaches in your messaging.

AI-infused email templates

Write your email sequences in minutes (not hours)

For each campaign I’ve created email templates that are fueled by cutting-edge AI prompts to help you whizz through the copywriting frameworks.

Fom launches to evergreen - you'll have a system at your fingertips to have your campaigns written and ready to deliver in next-to-no time

“I learned a skill for life”

I've learned a skill for life…it's not just something that you've invested in.

I've now got this toolkit that I can take away with me and use for myself.

During the program I got an entire email sequence written which included pre-launch emails, launch emails and then follow-up emails for people who didn’t take me up on the offer.

I’d just like to say thank you for putting so much of your own time and energy into it and making it a really personal experience.

-Rachael Matthews

What's the investment?

Lifetime access to the entire Beyond Social curriculum that teaches you how to write revenue-generating email campaigns

6 x Money-Making Campaigns that use proven sales psychology to sell multiple offers to different segments of your list

Dozens of fill-in-the-blank templates across multiple campaigns (in easy-to-update Google documents). Includes swipe file examples so you can see them in real-life.

100+ subject line templates that get your emails opened (with examples in action)

Story-based prompts to help you write regular emails to nurture your subscribers

The Beyond Social Dashboard: A unique prompt-engineering system specifically designed to help you effortlessly write emails that turn subscribers into buyers. Includes AI-infused email templates - write your emails in minutes (instead of hours)

Unlimited support - inside my client-only Facebook Group

"I had ChatGPT talking in my own brand voice for the first time in my life."

It was really great to have Cathy brainstorming and supporting me with the flow of getting myself more clear around what exactly I'm selling and who this is for.

One of the most important elements was to see the whole process that Cathy walked me through - what exactly are the prompts that she uses for ChatGPT to speed up the process.

Until today, basically each time I try doing something with ChatGPT the output I got was total rubbish, it never worked for me and it was so frustrating for me to use.

But the prompts that Cathy is using are extremely helpful and for the first time ChatGPT was using my brand voice!

Got questions?

What if I don’t have an email list yet?

Then this course probably isn't for you (no point putting the cart before the horse)!

Will it take me ages to set this up?

Honestly...writing these emails doesn't take much time at all (when you follow a proven system).

And the beauty of email - over social media - is that you write it once, and it works for you over and over again.

Do I HAVE to use ChatGPT to write my emails?

Nope! I've set it up so that you can use the traditional templates I've created, or you can use the AI Dashboard and related tools.

The way I teach ChatGPT gets you to train it in your voice, so it's definitely a massive time-saver. But, it's totally up to you if you want to use it.

Is this only for business-related offers?

Nope! An email list is a valuable asset for anyone who runs a matter your niche.

In summary...

Beyond Social is all about making that email list of yours the secret weapon in your business arsenal. Kick back and watch the magic happen as your email campaigns bring in consistent, predictable revenue.

  • Create persuasive, conversion-ready emails in a jiffy, thanks to the wizardry of AI-infused email templates.

  • Learn how to make sure your emails don't just connect, they convert. Templates, prompts and lots of ideas to write emails that create relationships, and then make sales.

  • Learn a skill that consistently allows you to make money in your business. With lifetime access to the Beyond Social curriculum you'll gift yourself a treasure-trove of email marketing goodness that keeps growing

Refund Policy

After lots of consideration I’ve decided not to have a refund policy.

When you sign up you’re not only getting immediate access to resources.

So please only sign up if you’re sure that this is the right course for you.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have - so please reach out before making your decision.

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